Direct student loan consolidation- How to consolidate my student loans?

How to consolidate my student loans?

It is usually a loan from a family / friends, a loan company or a bank. The latter solution is not taken into account in some cases, as the assessment of the client’s financial condition is quite severe and often can be refused. An explanation over at

The person wonders where to borrow money

However, this is one of the alternatives, especially for customers who are looking for financing for less-favored situations and are financially reliable for the bank.

It is worth remembering that the costs in banks are definitely lower than in loan companies, which is why it is worth to try these at banks in the first two options.

From whom to borrow money – criteria

From whom to borrow money - criteria

Both lending to loved ones and loan companies has its advantages and disadvantages.

Borrowing in a family or friends can be quite embarrassing and affect our relationships. Usually, you will not avoid questions about the purpose of the loan, financial problems and similar matters. Not everyone likes to discuss their financial matters with their loved ones – paradoxically we feel more comfortable talking to someone unknown (representative of a bank or loan company), who we do not have to confide in with their problems or needs.

However, there is a very significant plus of such a solution, namely the cost – rarely a family or friend loan is interest-bearing, we do not get additional payments in the event of late payment – relatives are usually much more forgiving and do not lend us money to make us.

However, dragging the repayment can spoil the relationship between us and the person, so be careful to approach this topic. It is hard to find reliable data on private loans – they are often unregistered and you do not really know how much you borrow each other.

In turn, the loan company approaches the matter as if it were in the interest, they are not interested in what is happening to us, only the repayment of the loan is important. Of course, applying for a loan, especially long-term loan, our financial situation will be assessed, and various registers are also checked.

However, you should be aware that the costs of a loan (including payday loans) are generally expensive for non-bankers. Of course, you can borrow even for zero zlotys for the first time ( promotion of the first free check-in ), but you have to watch out for repayment dates, crossing them may mean additional costs.

your choice

your choice

If we have a “rich uncle” who will be happy to help us, we do not have to reach for an online loan. However, if we do not have it, or for various reasons, we do not want to address the family, it is worth comparing lenders’ offers – it is a way to save some time and money.

You can do this by using the comparison of pay books available on this page, where you can quickly check the dates, limits, cost of an example loan or the promotion of the first free meeting.

If you need larger amounts and you want to pay off your commitment in installments, long-term loans will surely interest you.

Using these lists will take you literally moments, and will save a small sum. This is especially important in the case of long-term loans repaid in installments – installments are not as noticeable for the portfolio as the repayment of the entire loan at once in the case of a short-term loan, but their sum can make a big difference.

Who to pay to depends also on the amount we need. We will borrow large sums of up to several dozen thousand zlotys only in banks (or from a very rich and generous relative). Regardless where we borrow money, it is worth doing it with “head” before we ask the question: where to borrow?

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