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I am analyzing whether consolidation of loans is the best solution for indebted parties enabling debt reduction and exit from the credit loop. Is taking another loan to pay off the previous one is a good way out? What can debtors do and should they do?

Do you have financial problems, do you default on installments? Even if you do not have a stable financial situation, also read this article.

From the reports available in the network it is clear that in the last years the situation of debtors in Poland has been deteriorating. The number of people with overdue credit commitments and loans that are not repaying is growing. A small exemption is housing and mortgage loans, which are repaid as reasonably well. The biggest problems with repayment concern consumer loans, i.e. cash, car and installment loans.

Where are the problems with repayment of liabilities?

Where are the problems with repayment of liabilities?

You will be surprised, but the banks themselves contribute to the fact that their clients have problems with repayment of loans.
Most problems with repayment of obligations concern consumer loans. These are loans taken for any purpose or, for example, for the purchase of a car or television. It just so happens that these banking products are the most heavily advertised. Banks assure clients that they will receive credit quickly, easily and on exceptionally favorable terms. Once you let yourself be seduced and once you take advantage of the loan, the bank will not forget about you anymore. The adviser will call you from time to time, making further offers. I will offer you a vacation loan, a winter loan, a loan for renovation or anything else. This action means that many people take out new loans without having paid the previous ones. The effect of such proceedings is that more and more people fall into the credit spiral. First, they take loans for pleasure, and later, unfortunately, they take out more to cover several installments of those already possessed.
Is there a solution for indebted people to get out of the loan loop?

Do not repay the loan with a loan! This is not a good option!

When you start to feel problems with repayment of a few or a dozen obligations, do not make a mistake by taking another loan or a cash loan to cover previous installments. All the more so do not choose cash for “small pleasures”. This is the most erroneous procedure, leading nowhere, and basically straight to the debt loop. If the commitments you have already made are too high, they are too heavy and you have problems paying them back, then you have to think about consolidation, that is, to combine these obligations into one.

The beginning of the road – the first step

It is what you should do to start getting out of debt. You must also be aware that it will not do everything, but it is only the first step you take towards debt. This is the first very important step, but after it you will have many more that will require sacrifice and definitely more effort. This, however, I will deal with in another article.

A good solution for indebted people, and therefore also for you

Consolidation of loans is nothing but a combination of several loans into one, whose repayment is spread over a longer period. Thanks to this, you can get a significant reduction in debt and exit the credit loop. The only inconvenience you need to prepare is that you will pay off your liability longer, but this is compensated by the lower installment. Thanks to consolidation, you will not have to remember about several installments at different times, but only one lower installment. You can consolidate liabilities from various banks, loans, loans, credit cards, debits in your account. An additional advantage is the fact that consolidation of loans often allows for better conditions and lower interest rates. I would like to emphasize that it is not the case that if you compare today’s consolidation and cash loans, it will turn out that the consolidation will be lower interest-bearing. The interest rate on cash and consolidation loans available today is very similar. So what is the secret of consolidation? Why do we get a lower installment after it? This is the effect of extending the repayment period. Not without significance is also the fact that the obligations that you consolidate, most often pay off for several years and once attractive conditions on which you took them, today are no longer the best.

A solution for indebted, but not for everyone

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to consolidate loans for every indebted bank. You must know that you must pay back your loans in order to be able to join. Banks do not tolerate delays in payment of installments longer than 30 days. That is why it is very important that you think about it before financial problems occur. These problems can cause you that you will not be able to pay your installments in a timely manner. Another condition you have to meet is getting a suitable income-free income from a regular source. Most important, however, is that you can not be placed in BIK or any other debtors’ register.

Consolidate all liabilities

Consolidate all liabilities

When consolidating loans, banks approach your creditworthiness in a very specific way. They do not take into account the obligations that you consolidate, i.e. installments of repaid loans are not deducted from creditworthiness. Therefore, it is not profitable to leave unpaid obligations or even their endings.

Cons and advantages of loan consolidation

Cons and advantages of loan consolidation

load reduction,
improvement of repayment terms,
access to additional cash for any purpose (I do not recommend),
the opportunity to get out of the debt spiral.

extending the repayment period.


On the question of whether loan consolidation is the best solution for indebted can and should definitely be answered that yes. However, it depends on you whether you reach for it in time before there are arrears that will disqualify this possibility.

If you have consolidated your commitments, share your opinion with the readers of the blog. Describe your experience and write the offer you have used – I am waiting for your objective comments.