Easy Ways to Increase Credit Card Limits

One of the conveniences that we can feel in this modern era is the ease of shopping with a credit card. Banks issue credit cards as a means of payment that can make it easier for their customers to shop and make purchases of goods with loan funds on a credit card.

The loan fund is known as the nominal limit or the limit on the credit card. This limit varies in nominal value. There are credit cards that have a limit of USD 15 million, USD 40 million, USD 80 million, and so on. The limit value on a credit card depends on the offer from the bank that issued the credit card. As a rule, you can not use a credit card exceeds the limit – it.

If this happens then your credit card will not be used or the term is over limit. But did you know that the limit on a credit card can be increased or increased? For some specific matters, you may need to increase the limit on the credit card to be able to provide loans in a higher amount.

Contact the Bank


The first thing you can do to make a credit card limit increase is to contact your credit card provider bank. Call your bank’s call center number, usually, the call center bank has its own channel to handle credit card limit increases. Then, submit your request to increase your credit card limit. Common questions that will be asked as to what is the reason why you want to increase the credit card limit? Answer the questions from the bank honestly. For example, you can answer it for business purposes, or other related interests.

Then, the second requirement is to complete the credit card limit increase submission document such as, KTP, NPWP, checking account, paycheck, SIUP (for those of you who are not employees) and a statement to make an increase in the credit card limit. After all the requirements are complete and sent to the bank, it will then be processed for 3-5 business days. For fees, there will generally be an admin fee of around USD150,000.

The bank will make an assessment based on all the required documents, the way you answer the questions asked and your credit card activities.

Use Credit Card Limit as much as possible

Use Credit Card Limit as much as possible

Be aware of your credit card limit usage affects the bank’s attitude to approve the proposed increase in the limit. That is, use a credit card limit as much as possible, not until the limit runs out, but use it to the fair limit of usage. For example, if your credit card limit is USD. 15 million, then you should use your credit card in the range of USD. 12 million. That way, the bank will assess you are an active credit card user and almost over the limit.

Assuming an assessment from a bank like that will allow you to get approval to increase the limit compared to you using your credit card with a small nominal, for example, just under USD 3 million. However, the usage to this minimum must also be balanced with timely installment payments.

In other words, don’t owe if you can’t pay it off. If you are able to do it, then your BI Checking will be good and the bank will trust to provide an additional credit card limit. Conversely, if you cannot pay off on time, your BI Checking will also be ugly.

Create another credit card as a trick


This method can be an effective way to have your limit increase approved. You can create a new credit card from another bank to do a trick to increase your credit card limit. As an illustration, your first credit card from bank A with a limit of USD9 million, then you can make another credit card in bank B with a limit higher than bank A.

Make the limit on the previous credit card as a benchmark for a new credit card with a limit higher. In addition to inducement, this method also makes you have more than 1 credit card, which means your credit card usage limit also increases.

Pay Credit Cards on Time

Timeliness in paying credit card bills is also a concern of banks in approving the increase in your credit card limit. Make it a habit not to be late paying credit cards, and pay on time. But, if it is due, no problem you pay the full payment or minimum payment when the time for payment of the bill arrives, the key is your discipline to pay your installments. If, in fact, you still like paying late credit card bills try to fix this and start to learn discipline.

Occasionally do not pay off your credit card

Paying off credit card bills is a liability, but what happens if you don’t pay off your bills? Will this damage your image at the bank where you make your credit card? Or just make your image good in the eyes of the bank? The answer, it turns out that by not paying off credit card bills, the bank benefits from interest bills.

This makes you get the attention of the bank because they think you are a profitable customer, but on the other hand, you will experience a loss, so don’t do it often.