Easy Ways to Increase Credit Card Limits

One of the conveniences that we can feel in this modern era is the ease of shopping with a credit card. Banks issue credit cards as a means of payment that can make it easier for their customers to shop and make purchases of goods with loan funds on a credit card.

The loan fund is known as the nominal limit or the limit on the credit card. This limit varies in nominal value. There are credit cards that have a limit of USD 15 million, USD 40 million, USD 80 million, and so on. The limit value on a credit card depends on the offer from the bank that issued the credit card. As a rule, you can not use a credit card exceeds the limit – it.

If this happens then your credit card will not be used or the term is over limit. But did you know that the limit on a credit card can be increased or increased? For some specific matters, you may need to increase the limit on the credit card to be able to provide loans in a higher amount.

Contact the Bank


The first thing you can do to make a credit card limit increase is to contact your credit card provider bank. Call your bank’s call center number, usually, the call center bank has its own channel to handle credit card limit increases. Then, submit your request to increase your credit card limit. Common questions that will be asked as to what is the reason why you want to increase the credit card limit? Answer the questions from the bank honestly. For example, you can answer it for business purposes, or other related interests.

Then, the second requirement is to complete the credit card limit increase submission document such as, KTP, NPWP, checking account, paycheck, SIUP (for those of you who are not employees) and a statement to make an increase in the credit card limit. After all the requirements are complete and sent to the bank, it will then be processed for 3-5 business days. For fees, there will generally be an admin fee of around USD150,000.

The bank will make an assessment based on all the required documents, the way you answer the questions asked and your credit card activities.

Use Credit Card Limit as much as possible

Use Credit Card Limit as much as possible

Be aware of your credit card limit usage affects the bank’s attitude to approve the proposed increase in the limit. That is, use a credit card limit as much as possible, not until the limit runs out, but use it to the fair limit of usage. For example, if your credit card limit is USD. 15 million, then you should use your credit card in the range of USD. 12 million. That way, the bank will assess you are an active credit card user and almost over the limit.

Assuming an assessment from a bank like that will allow you to get approval to increase the limit compared to you using your credit card with a small nominal, for example, just under USD 3 million. However, the usage to this minimum must also be balanced with timely installment payments.

In other words, don’t owe if you can’t pay it off. If you are able to do it, then your BI Checking will be good and the bank will trust to provide an additional credit card limit. Conversely, if you cannot pay off on time, your BI Checking will also be ugly.

Create another credit card as a trick


This method can be an effective way to have your limit increase approved. You can create a new credit card from another bank to do a trick to increase your credit card limit. As an illustration, your first credit card from bank A with a limit of USD9 million, then you can make another credit card in bank B with a limit higher than bank A.

Make the limit on the previous credit card as a benchmark for a new credit card with a limit higher. In addition to inducement, this method also makes you have more than 1 credit card, which means your credit card usage limit also increases.

Pay Credit Cards on Time

Timeliness in paying credit card bills is also a concern of banks in approving the increase in your credit card limit. Make it a habit not to be late paying credit cards, and pay on time. But, if it is due, no problem you pay the full payment or minimum payment when the time for payment of the bill arrives, the key is your discipline to pay your installments. If, in fact, you still like paying late credit card bills try to fix this and start to learn discipline.

Occasionally do not pay off your credit card

Paying off credit card bills is a liability, but what happens if you don’t pay off your bills? Will this damage your image at the bank where you make your credit card? Or just make your image good in the eyes of the bank? The answer, it turns out that by not paying off credit card bills, the bank benefits from interest bills.

This makes you get the attention of the bank because they think you are a profitable customer, but on the other hand, you will experience a loss, so don’t do it often.

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness.

Are you looking for debt restructuring despite a poor credit rating? We have put together the various options for debt restructuring despite a poor credit rating.

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness – extent of debt restructuring

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness - extent of debt restructuring

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness is possible on a small scale, even without Credit Bureau and as a comprehensive pooling of liabilities. If debt restructuring is desired on a small scale – without Credit Bureau – then only a foreign loan is possible. Nobody has to spend a lot of time looking for a loan.

As far as is known, only a single foreign bank can currently – legally – grant loans to Germans without Credit Bureau. This has been Litebank from Liechtenstein since 2010. The bank was founded because in 2009 the Federal Administrative Court banned previous credit options. Since then, the Swiss loan should actually have been renamed Liechtenstein loan.

With only one credit provider that allows direct application, the services of a credit intermediary are unnecessary. The application can be made a little more conveniently via an intermediary, but there is neither faster nor better credit opportunities. Only one thing is guaranteed, the loan becomes unnecessarily expensive.

Debt restructuring with a Credit Bureau-free loan is only possible through two loan amounts. We offer 3,500 USD of credit without Credit Bureau and 5,000 USD of Credit Bureau-free credit.

Admission requirements for debt restructuring without Credit Bureau

Admission requirements for debt restructuring without Credit Bureau

Swiss loans are only granted to a target group. Only workers who are in employment subject to social security contributions are qualified for a Credit Bureau-free loan. The employment relationship with the employer must also have existed for at least 12 months. Only permanent, permanent employees have a credit chance.

Income from work plays a key role in credit approval because it is the only credit guarantee for the lender. It is therefore clear that debt restructuring is not possible without Credit Bureau, in connection with a garnishment of wages, despite poor creditworthiness. In addition, the future salary must not have been assigned to a creditor. Guarantors or property collateral cannot improve creditworthiness for lending. Conversely, information that can partly be read on the Internet does not apply or no longer applies.

In addition to the income check, a credit check is also carried out via the public debt register. An entry in this directory will automatically result in the loan being rejected.

Credit conditions for direct application

Credit conditions for direct application

A loan without Credit Bureau in the amount of 3,500 USD costs 11.62 percent effective annual interest. To qualify for this loan amount, a single person has to prove a net work income of 1,130 USD. The Credit Bureau-free loan is repaid in 40 equal monthly installments of € 105.95.

The loan amount of 5,000 USD, which is probably more interesting for rescheduling, can be drawn on at the annual percentage rate of 11.61 percent. The minimum income to be demonstrated, again using the example of a single person, must now be 1,600 USD net per month. The loan is repaid in 40 equal monthly installments. The rate in this case is 151.35 USD.

Extensive debt restructuring – despite poor creditworthiness

Extensive debt restructuring - despite poor creditworthiness

Debt restructuring despite poor creditworthiness, in which all liabilities are pooled, is unfortunately not possible without Credit Bureau. The score plays an important role in choosing the source of funding for such a measure. If a score of H can be proven, then it is worthwhile to attempt a loan on one of the portals for private lending. 

Debt rescheduling can be a little longer. It is still worth trying, as private loans are almost always cheaper than the alternative of a credit bank despite their poor credit rating. In addition, the loan attempt is free and has no negative effects on other loan options.

If the choice is made to reschedule a credit bank, the help of a reputable credit broker can be well-invested money. Various German credit banks offer credit options for credit problems. Unfortunately, they do not advertise these options or only subliminally. Reputable credit intermediaries know all the credit banks that could help in this case.

A loan from Cream Bank is offered particularly often for debt rescheduling despite poor creditworthiness. This loan could also be applied for directly. On the side of the loan provider, the debt rescheduling loan is referred to as an extra loan. What is particularly interesting about extra credit is the great flexibility and the long term. The repayment can be extended up to 120 months. The peg on this debt rescheduling loan is the high interest rate. Debt rescheduling despite the poor creditworthiness with the extra loan costs 11.95 percent APR.

Online unemployment loan

Individuals who choose to borrow today have different requirements than borrowers a few years ago. Especially at the turn of the millennium, numerous new providers have emerged on the market who can score with attractive terms, flexible contract design and better access requirements.

Today, borrowing is generally no longer only possible for borrowers with a high income and positive Credit Bureau information. Borrowers who are unemployed, have a negative Credit Bureau or have a low income can also benefit from numerous loan offers on the market. In the online banking sector in particular, many lenders are now making it easy and quick to borrow under flexible contractual terms. The online banks on the Internet have gained a special position as cheap credit providers in recent years.

By dispensing with a lot of staff, an extensive branch system and unnecessary service, many banks with low interest rates and flexible options in terms of duration, use and repayment have been able to establish themselves. Obtaining an online loan in the event of unemployment is not impossible today, making the comparison of several loan offers on the Internet all the more important. Numerous financial portals now help to compare loans.

Secure online credit for unemployment with attractive conditions – not impossible

Secure online credit for unemployment with attractive conditions - not impossible

In order to benefit from an attractive loan offer, borrowers should consider a few factors when making a comparison. In particular, attention should be paid to the distinction between target and effective interest rates. Debit and effective interest rates differ from each other in that the debit interest rate is an adjusted interest rate that does not take individual factors into account. In contrast, the effective interest rate includes the term, loan amount, credit rating and much more. considered.

The creditworthiness is largely defined by the Credit Bureau and the income. The Credit Bureau information should be positive, especially for the unemployed, because with a positive Credit Bureau the credit rating can be significantly improved. With the low social income from unemployment benefit 1 or unemployment benefit 2, unemployed borrowers offer little credit security. If there is a possibility, it makes sense for the borrower to claim additional credit protection, such as a guarantee.

Taking out an online unemployment loan with a short term and a low loan amount makes sense, because a small loan amount entails less risk and a short term means lower capital commitment for the bank, so this is where the best possible effective interest rates can be obtained.

Consider online unemployment loan comparison – loan calculator helps

Consider online unemployment loan comparison - loan calculator helps

The use of a credit calculator for comparison is highly recommended today. Anyone who wants to get an objective overview of the available loan offers is well advised to use a loan calculator. Taking into account the term, loan amount, repayment, use and much more. the search can be made easier and the best loan offer can be filtered out.

Debt restructuring all your loans – Debt consolidation


Debt restructuring, or debt repurchase, is a grouping of credits into one: the new loan is intended to ensure financial balance for the borrower or to finance a new project. When you refinance a loan, you are essentially creating a new loan for the borrower. On the other hand, restructuring a loan means the existing loan is kept, but modified for lower payments so a homeowner can afford to pay their monthly statements. Can you restructure all your loans?

The different types of debt restructuring

The different types of debt restructuring

The restructuring of home loans is intended to take out a more advantageous loan to shorten the repayment periods or to reduce the monthly payments and thus breathe. The disadvantage in the latter case is that the cost of credit will increase if the remaining repayment period is small. The borrower will again pay interest which he has already paid. He must also provide in the restructuring operation for the payment of the penalties provided for in the contract for the early repayment of the capital remaining due. These penalties correspond to 6 months of interest or a maximum of 3% of the capital remaining due. The gain obtained must therefore cover these costs.

The restructuring of consumer loans is possible in the context of over-indebtedness, but not only. Any borrower may want to lower their monthly payments if their income has decreased, to maintain a certain standard of living, or if they wish to find cash to finance a new project. The maximum term of the new credit in this case is 12 years. The rate is also higher than that of a mortgage. It is therefore necessary to compare the different offers with a broker for example.

Among the various restructured loans, there may be a mortgage and one or more consumer loans.

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation

Debt consolidation excludes home loans. It only concerns consumer loans and credit cards. Generally, it intervenes in the context of over-indebtedness, to avoid personal bankruptcy. Debt consolidation is difficult to obtain: the borrower’s credit rating must be good. The borrower therefore has an interest in not waiting for an over-indebtedness procedure to be initiated, or in not being prohibited from banking. Any filing at the bank will penalize him severely.

Loan without credit bureau and payroll.


A loan without Credit bureau and payroll is often sought in a desperate situation. Which reputable loan offers can still be made in a difficult financial situation? The article provides more on the remaining credit opportunities and risks.

Loans without Credit bureau and payroll – difficult credit situation

Loans without Credit bureau and payroll - difficult credit situation

The desire for a loan without Credit bureau and payroll is, from a financial perspective, understandable to human beings. Anyone looking for such a loan will not get a loan from their bank or from private investors. At the latest when a goods order on the Internet is no longer delivered on account, the bottom seems to have been reached. The most urgent bills are to be paid with a loan. Perhaps a modest new acquisition or a repair that cannot be postponed is also planned.

It still looks bad for the credit approval capacity of a risk loan. A loan without Credit bureau is advertised everywhere. However, a serious chance of approval cannot be assumed without a secure income from work. A Credit bureau-free loan is granted on very similar terms to any ordinary installment loan. The only serious difference is that Credit bureau is neither queried nor an approved loan entered.

Credit requirements for a serious loan without Credit bureau

Credit requirements for a serious loan without Credit bureau

In the flood of advertising for Credit bureau-free loans it goes under that most serious loan offers relate to a Liechtenstein bank loan. The bundling is only noticeable if credit conditions and loan amounts are mentioned in the advertising. The most common loan offer relates to a loan amount of 3,500 USD with a term of 40 months. The annual percentage rate is currently 11.62 percent. The alternative is, with the same term, 5,000 USD loan with an effective annual interest rate of 11.61 percent.

With this offer, lending is only possible with proof of work income. The loan is secured only through extensive assignment of future income. An alternative to proof of income can be created for long-standing traders. A solvent co-applicant (employed for an unlimited period of time) can make the loan possible for the self-employed. The pledging of an unencumbered property or a long-term capital-building life insurance can be an alternative. With Social Welfare, no Credit bureau, no matter what the advertising promises, there is no loan.

Emergencies – what credit opportunities are there without Credit bureau?

Emergencies - what credit opportunities are there without Credit bureau?

In theory, the consortium has the opportunity to grant a loan without Credit bureau and payroll in emergency situations. There is hardly a municipal budget for this purpose in practice. The assessment of what an emergency situation is does not always correspond to normal human standards. Cutting off the supply of electricity and water is often not defined as an emergency, even in families with small children. There are better credit opportunities with charitable associations and church communities.

Anyone who believes in brisk advertising promises and tries to get a loan is at risk. With Social Welfare, social assistance or without a regular income, there is a loan in the pawnshop or maybe at the bakery.

All other promises for credit without Credit bureau and payroll are very likely not aimed at a serious loan brokerage. Possible backgrounds are the sale of addresses, the recall on a service number, the sale of insurance or a savings contract.

Lightning credit without proof of income.

There is not always an income or there is a garnishment of wages. In such difficult times, it is not easy to get by with what the consumer has throughout the month. A lightning credit without proof of income is very much in demand, but the question always arises whether such a loan is also granted.

Who grants a lightning credit without proof of income?

Who grants a lightning credit without proof of income?

Banks and savings banks that grant a loan want to be sure that customers also have the money to pay off the loan. So proof of income is always required here, which some do not even have. In the case of unemployment and Social Welfare, there is no income, but a social benefit from the state. So it is not easy to get a lightning credit without proof of income.

A small possibility is to get a small loan of up to 500 USD from the bank as a overdraft facility. However, this will only be the case in the rarest of cases, because here too the customer has to pay the money back and also pays high interest. Most banks are skeptical of a overdraft facility if the customer is unable to provide proof of income.

Most offers for a lightning credit without proof of income come from credit intermediaries. There are very few reputable providers who have adapted to this critical clientele. It is always a risk for the lender to grant a loan if he does not know if there is a salary.

This service, which is offered to customers, is often awarded at high interest rates. This will almost always be the case to compensate for the lack of proof of income. Here, the customer should be listening carefully if the interest rates are set very high.

Can distinguish reputable providers from dubious

Can distinguish reputable providers from dubious

Many credit intermediaries do good business with their clients’ financial hardship. It is often promised that a loan will be granted on condition that insurance is taken out in advance. Some also require a home loan contract as an additional product before a loan is granted.

Very often it happens that an insurance or a building society contract is signed and the customer will no longer see a loan offer. It is very difficult to get out of these contracts and the customer will not see a loan amount.

It is important to read the small print in the contract. Conditions are often required here that the customer can easily overlook. For example, the ancillary credit costs or loan interest can be so high that the credit line is lower than the interest that has to be paid.

The customer should be taken aback if a credit intermediary is based abroad. It is not uncommon for these to use dubious business. However, this should not be compared to a credit broker from foreign banks, because here the bank is abroad and not the credit broker.

Conclusion about a lightning credit without proof of income

Conclusion about a lightning credit without proof of income

There are almost no ways to get a lightning credit where the lender does not require proof of income. Sometimes it can be a reputable provider, but the majority work with immoral offers. In such a case, the customer should rather contact their bank and seek advice. In addition, small amounts can also be borrowed from family or friends.

Works credit without proof



Before committing to a work loan, it is important to learn about your opportunities. They are indeed multiple: eco loan at zero rate, assigned work loan, financing via energy suppliers, work credit without proof. We will explain in which cases to choose the personal loan without proof.

Ready work without proof?

Ready work without proof?

Generally, a work loan taken out with a bank must be allocated. Concretely, you will have to provide invoices to explain the use of the funds granted. It may be a one-time invoice from a contractor including equipment and labor. But you could also be held to the tedious task of advancing the sum at a DIY store for example before providing the invoice to the bank for release of the funds concerned, that is, part of the overall envelope allocated. With a work credit without proof, everything becomes simpler. You take out a personal loan for a certain amount with a banking establishment or an online credit platform and then use the capital granted at leisure.

Alternative solutions to works credit without proof

Alternative solutions to works credit without proof

When your work relates to improving the energy performance of your main home, you can, under certain conditions, claim the eco loan at zero rate or the financing solutions put in place by energy suppliers. The work must be carried out by qualified professionals. Note that if you do not take advantage of this type of subsidized financing, you could potentially be eligible for the energy transition tax credit.

Why choose work credit without proof?

Why choose work credit without proof?

Admittedly, the works loan can benefit from preferential rates compared to the works credit without proof, but it remains more restrictive. A work loan without proof will allow you to carry out your adjustments at your own pace without having to provide quotes or invoices. You can then change your mind on your projects, spread out your expenses if you don’t have the time to make your desires a reality. You can also use your borrowed capital to modernize your decoration with furniture, objects or household appliances.

If you don’t have a full-time job that’s providing you with a consistent income that would be used to repay your personal loan, you’ll need to meet the lender’s alternative eligibility requirements.

Home Renovation Loan: review and opinions

Have you decided to renovate your home and do you need ad hoc financing to finance the works? How about taking a look at Bankate Home Renovation Loan? The opinions of the users who have used it are positive, therefore it is worth investigating and seeing what are the salient features and requirements required to have access to this personal loan.

Before starting to read the article, however, I want to warn you that the maximum amount that can be requested is equal to $ 60,000, therefore, if you need more money for the renovation works, better switch to other offers, perhaps more than a loan you need a home renovation mortgage as they offer higher amounts and longer deadlines. On the other hand, however, know that unlike a loan, the unsecured loan uses the property under renovation as the first guarantee.

Without the necessary premises, what do you say to start by reading the characteristics of the loan and then conclude with the opinions, the considerations of the case? Well, let’s proceed!

Characteristics of the Bankate Home Renovation Loan

The Bankate Ristrutturazione Casa loan is a personal loan from Poste Italiane which can be taken out by its customers who have a Bankate account or an Ordinary Register.

The general characteristics of the loan include:

  • Amounts payable: from 10 thousand up to 60 thousand USD
  • Loan duration: 120 months
  • Refund method: monthly installments
  • Insurance: optional

The Bankate Home Renovation loan allows anyone who wants to renovate their home to shop such as: a new kitchen, renovating outdoor spaces, doing work inside or outside their home.

This product is also designed for the purchase of large appliances, photovoltaic and solar panels and for all those works that can improve the energy efficiency of the property, or increase its value.

As required by the 2018 Stability Law, those who carry out these works can access various facilities that allow you to get an Irpef refund on 50% of the amount spent. In this way, the impact of the loan on income is less than that of traditional financial products.

Who can request it and how

This product can only be requested by those who have certain requirements outlined by the group. Therefore, the requisites required by the Bankate Ristrutturazione Casa loan are:

  • Permanent contract for public and private employees
  • Pension with income produced in Italy
  • Demonstrable income for freelancers and self-employed workers
  • Not having reports as bad payers to CRIF, and not having protests going on
  • It is not necessary to have funding which in addition exceeds 40% of the salary. In this case, you can first try to apply for a debt consolidation loan, to lower the incidence of the installment on the salary.

The Bankate Ristrutturazione Casa loan cannot be requested online but only in post offices. Those who wish can book an appointment by phone or from the Poste Italiane portal to define the day and time.

Requested documents

To apply for Poste Italiane financing for the renovation of the properties, the following documents must be submitted to the offices:

  • Health insurance card
  • Valid identity document
  • Last two payslips for public or private employees
  • Latest Single certification for freelancers and self-employed workers
  • Income document for retirees
  • Quotes or order forms for the costs to be incurred for the renovation of the property

Amount to be requested

The amounts that can be requested vary from Bankate customers to holders of a postal savings account. In fact, the former can obtain from a minimum of 10 thousand USD up to a limit amount of 60 thousand USD. For holders of the name booklet, it can be requested from ten thousand USD up to a maximum of 30 thousand.

Calculation of the installment

The loans that can be requested are from post offices, like this one dedicated to Home Renovation, they do not include a tool for simulating and calculating the loan installment. To obtain a quote and know the interest rates applied, you must contact Poste Italiane directly, requesting an appointment or going to the offices during opening hours.

Duration of funding

For both Bankate account holders and postal pass holders, the time required for repayment of the loan ranges from three years to a maximum of ten.


Insurance coverage is optional. If desired, by adding a small monthly sum to the installment to be paid, the group proposes the product Postaprotezione Prestito which ensures financing from certain unforeseen events that may occur over the years.

Withdrawal and refund method

The loan is disbursed in a single solution on the Banco Posta account. The holders of the registered savings account, on the other hand, can either request direct credit to an external bank account in the name of the applicant, or they can withdraw the amount in cash if this does not exceed 10 thousand USD.

The repayment for the holders of the Banco Posta account takes place with direct domicile. For holders of the passbook it is possible to choose between direct debit from an external bank account, or return the loan by paying monthly bulletins.

Reviews Bankate Loan Home Renovation

Opinions about Bankate Ristrutturazione Casa are mainly positive. Those who took out this loan found the process for the request easy. The maximum amount that could be requested, equal to 60 thousand USD, was also judged positively, despite the fact that for those who apply with the registered postal passbook, this is reduced by 50%. In fact, those who only have the passbook can request a maximum of 30 thousand USD.

The advantages appreciated by users: among the points in favor of this loan there is certainly the very easy request process which does not require excessive documentation. Another advantage is given by the possibility of using the loan for various renovation projects, in fact the sum can be used both for restoration works, both for the purchase of household appliances and for improving energy performance. Finally, those who have chosen to subscribe have noted one last positive point, namely the fact of being able to request the bonus from the Revenue Agency after the work.

To whom it is recommended: as the name implies, this loan is recommended for all those who wish to carry out restoration work inside their home or apartment. The financing is accessible to all those who have a demonstrable income, so it is recommended for both employees and self-employed or freelancers.

The interests: a negative point is the impossibility of being able to make a simulation of the installment and display the interest rates. Given that this loan is reserved for postal customers, those who signed it, however, denoted that the proposed rates are average, with those offered by other similar products.

Product considerations: in conclusion, the financing intended for the renovation of the house is a product appreciated by those who have already subscribed to it. The points in favor are ultimately: speed and simplicity of the application process, small documentation compared to other banking institutions, average rates, and the possibility of obtaining a refund from the Inland Revenue for the renovations, after spending the amount financed.

How much can I borrow? Mortgage standards 2018 known

How much can you borrow in 2018. We have listed all the changes to the mortgage standards. Easily calculate how much mortgage you can borrow.

Mortgage standards 2018 partly known

Mortgage standards 2018 partly known

How much can I borrow? The first question you ask when you start looking for a new home. Even if you are going to reschedule or increase your mortgage, the mortgage standards also determine your options.

The mortgage defaults change every year on a number of points. For example, the government is gradually reducing the maximum mortgage on the basis of the home value. Based on the purchasing power development, each year it is determined how much of the income you can borrow from a mortgage.

Borrow less based on the home value

Borrow less based on the home value

In 2018, the maximum mortgage on the basis of the home value will fall to 100%. This means that next year you can no longer borrow on which the house is valued. You will therefore have to bring your own money to pay the costs of the buyer. Take into account 5% to 6% of property value for, among other things, transfer tax, appraisal, notary, mortgage and NHG.

The times that you could borrow extra for the renovation of the kitchen or bathroom are therefore over. An exception is made in the mortgage standards for necessary home improvements and energy-saving measures. With good substantiation, you can borrow more in 2018. A mortgage adviser can help you with this.

Borrow more based on income

Borrow more based on income

Nibud has announced the mortgage standards based on income. In 2018, the financing burden percentages, or the part of the income that you can use for the mortgage, will remain virtually the same. In view of the expected increase in income, borrowing capacity, especially for higher incomes, will increase slightly.

This expansion of the mortgage standards has already been announced:

  • Double earners can borrow more in 2018. They can have the lowest income count for 70% for the maximum mortgage. Now this is 60%. With an average income of 36,500 euros and a second income of 20,000 euros, the maximum mortgage increases by around 10,000 euros.
  • Even with a fixed-interest period of less than 10 years, you can borrow more next year, provided that the mortgage is also repaid within this period. Just as with longer fixed-interest periods, it is then possible to use current interest instead of the (higher) key interest rate.

Especially at a later age many homeowners run into the problem that the mortgage does not fit on income. This while the monthly costs decrease due to smaller living or re-housing. Also read: more mortgage for the elderly in 2018.


How much can you borrow?

How much can you borrow?

How much can you borrow based on current mortgage standards. On our website you can easily calculate your maximum mortgage based on income. You will immediately receive an indication of how much you can borrow. Handy if you are going to orient yourself on the housing market or are thinking of rescheduling.

In addition, you can request a comprehensive mortgage calculation without obligation. You then know exactly whether you can buy the house or whether it is interesting to transfer it.

More about the maximum mortgage:

  • Less mortgage due to telephone subscription.
  • Mortgage options with study debt.
  • More hyptoheek for the elderly in 2018.
  • How much mortgage can I get?
  • How much can I borrow next year? These are the mortgage standards in 2019.

Direct student loan consolidation- How to consolidate my student loans?

How to consolidate my student loans?

It is usually a loan from a family / friends, a loan company or a bank. The latter solution is not taken into account in some cases, as the assessment of the client’s financial condition is quite severe and often can be refused. An explanation over at oksanamo.com

The person wonders where to borrow money

However, this is one of the alternatives, especially for customers who are looking for financing for less-favored situations and are financially reliable for the bank.

It is worth remembering that the costs in banks are definitely lower than in loan companies, which is why it is worth to try these at banks in the first two options.

From whom to borrow money – criteria

From whom to borrow money - criteria

Both lending to loved ones and loan companies has its advantages and disadvantages.

Borrowing in a family or friends can be quite embarrassing and affect our relationships. Usually, you will not avoid questions about the purpose of the loan, financial problems and similar matters. Not everyone likes to discuss their financial matters with their loved ones – paradoxically we feel more comfortable talking to someone unknown (representative of a bank or loan company), who we do not have to confide in with their problems or needs.

However, there is a very significant plus of such a solution, namely the cost – rarely a family or friend loan is interest-bearing, we do not get additional payments in the event of late payment – relatives are usually much more forgiving and do not lend us money to make us.

However, dragging the repayment can spoil the relationship between us and the person, so be careful to approach this topic. It is hard to find reliable data on private loans – they are often unregistered and you do not really know how much you borrow each other.

In turn, the loan company approaches the matter as if it were in the interest, they are not interested in what is happening to us, only the repayment of the loan is important. Of course, applying for a loan, especially long-term loan, our financial situation will be assessed, and various registers are also checked.

However, you should be aware that the costs of a loan (including payday loans) are generally expensive for non-bankers. Of course, you can borrow even for zero zlotys for the first time ( promotion of the first free check-in ), but you have to watch out for repayment dates, crossing them may mean additional costs.

your choice

your choice

If we have a “rich uncle” who will be happy to help us, we do not have to reach for an online loan. However, if we do not have it, or for various reasons, we do not want to address the family, it is worth comparing lenders’ offers – it is a way to save some time and money.

You can do this by using the comparison of pay books available on this page, where you can quickly check the dates, limits, cost of an example loan or the promotion of the first free meeting.

If you need larger amounts and you want to pay off your commitment in installments, long-term loans will surely interest you.

Using these lists will take you literally moments, and will save a small sum. This is especially important in the case of long-term loans repaid in installments – installments are not as noticeable for the portfolio as the repayment of the entire loan at once in the case of a short-term loan, but their sum can make a big difference.

Who to pay to depends also on the amount we need. We will borrow large sums of up to several dozen thousand zlotys only in banks (or from a very rich and generous relative). Regardless where we borrow money, it is worth doing it with “head” before we ask the question: where to borrow?